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歌名 語言 曲調 作曲 作詞 製作 下載
You Are All In All F ----- ----- -----
You Are Everything To Me D 曾祥怡 Grace Tseng 曾祥怡 Grace Tseng 讚美之泉
You Are Holy A Henry Seeley Henry Seeley Planet Shakers
You Are Holy_SOP F 曾祥怡 Grace Tseng Jean Lo 讚美之泉
You Are My Strength G 曾祥怡 Grace Tseng Jeff Nelson、Kevin Cheng 讚美之泉
You Are My Strength_Hillsong G Reuben Morgan Reuben Morgan Hillsong
You Are My World G Marty Sampson Marty Sampson Hillsong
You Are The King Of Glory F ----- ----- -----
You Are Welcome C Sam Evans Sam Evans -----
You Deserve The Glory C Eva-Lena Hellmark Eva-Lena Hellmark -----
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